Georgia Kourlaba, BSc, MSc, PhD

Γεωργία Κουρλαμπά, BSc, MSc, PhD

Administrative / Ass. Scientific Director

Georgia Kourlabais the Administrative /Ass. Scientific Director of CLEO. She earned her MSc in Biostatistics from University of Athens in Greece and her Ph.D. in Nutritional Epidemiology-Biostatistics from Harokopio University, in Athens, Greece. She has been teaching for 8 years a year-long Research Methods postgraduate course in Medical School of University of Athens. Prior to joining CLEO in 2012, Dr Kourlaba had served as biostatistics research fellow in the Dietetics and Nutritional Science Department of Harokopio University in Athens and at the National School of Public Health in Athens, gaining research experience in the design and statistical analysis of cross-sectional studies, clinical trials and economic evaluation studies (i.e. development and adaptation of cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis models). She has published over 70 papers in international scientific journals and has received a significant number of references to her work. Moreover, she has served as a peer-reviewer for more than 10 international scientific journals.

Her main experience and expertise include: economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics; analysis and modeling of medical care costs (valuation of costs of illness; valuation of medical services and technologies); design and analysis of market research and epidemiologic studies as well as clinical trials. Her analytic experience includes Markov modeling, probabilistic sensitivity analysis, regression analysis, mediation analysis, meta-analyses, propensity score matching and longitudinal modeling. She has extensive experience building economic models in Excel, and developing user-friendly model interfaces. Her analytical skills include good mastering of SAS, R, STATA, and SPSS.